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General questions:

Men also like to get Flowers!
The experiment which was provided by the American?s Florists shows that 60 % of men would like to get flowers in Valentine?s Day. Men like to get flowers for the same reason which they use when they send flowers ? to be estimated at one's true worth. Better to send flowers for men using the same reason as men would be like to send flowers. When he sends you flowers: in birthday or in the form of thanks? Please don?t forget that absence of reason is the best reason! As the women like to get flowers without any reason, men?s attention will be attracting by the surprise in the form of flowers.

Men React to Color
Researches show that men prefer gaudy colors like yellow, orange and red. The floristic composition should be kept in the modern style, naturalness ? first of all! Please let know the florists that you choice the flowers for man, the florist will account this moment when he will compose floristic composition. If the man has a hobby, this fact could be reflected in the bouquet. For example if he plays in the golf the composition could consists the balls for golf. If his passion is cars you could attach the magazine of motor-car enthusiast.

Business - Composition "Tailak baatir"
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Automaten Care2
Festive bouquets - Composition "Mirel"
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Lily - Composition "Sitora"
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Roses - Composition "Cegeti"
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