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720020 Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Bajtik Baatyr str. 6/1

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+996 312 269114
+996 312 562626

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Dear owners of Internet - resources, we are glad to offer you the partner program of our Internet - shop.
If you want to place the link to our site at your recourses, you can use one of variants of banners:




If you have placed our banner and want to place your banner on our site -please  write info@flowers.kg. Please specify the link to web-page where our banner is placed, and you should specify a code or link to your banner which maximal size should not exceed 468?60 and also its volume should not be more than 20kb a format gif, jpg, png or flash. It is supposed to exchange web-sites of close subjects. Accommodation of your banner is possible in the bottom part of page.

                        Thanks for cooperation.

Business - Composition "Tailak baatir"
47.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
71.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
102.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Festive bouquets - Composition "Mirel"
55.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
75.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
95.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Lily - Composition "Sitora"
47.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
68.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
89.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Roses - Composition "Cegeti"
39.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
60.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
82.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

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