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USD 43.00

EUR 64.00

Our address:
720020 Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Bajtik Baatyr str. 6/1

Our phones:
+996 312 269114
+996 312 562626

General questions:

In this section you can make a choice and order a bouquet for any holiday and date. It may be birthday or another event in life of your close man, friends, colleagues. We treat all the information provided to us as confidential, and will not disclose or sell this information to any other parties. The addressee receives the information on the customer based only on the text written on a post card. We do not give any other data specified during the registration of the order to the addressee. The data on the customer is not used for the purpose of advertisement via mail, etc.; it is only necessary for communication with the purpose of successful performance of the order

Composition "Archa-Beshik"
33.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
44.00 USDAdd (average) to basket
55.00 USDAdd (large) to basket
Delivery of flowers and gifts is available free-of-charge from 10.00 till 20.00 across Bishkek and nearby cities of Kyrgyzstan. There is a small composition in the presented photo.

Business - Composition "Tailak baatir"
47.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
71.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
102.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Festive bouquets - Composition "Mirel"
55.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
75.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
95.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Lily - Composition "Sitora"
47.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
68.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
89.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Roses - Composition "Cegeti"
39.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
60.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
82.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

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