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USD 43.00

EUR 64.00

Our address:
720020 Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Bajtik Baatyr str. 6/1

Our phones:
+996 312 269114
+996 312 562626

General questions:

The bouquet of roses is not only the homage of tradition, but it is the best way to express your feelings, gratitude, love, desire, infatuation, caress, respect, admiration. One of the basic tasks of our service ? is the timeliness of delivery of the flowers and gifts ordered by you. Real date and time of delivery depends on time of a premise of the order, weather conditions and remoteness of destination. Our rules of delivery explain, as we do to execute your order.

Composition "Ak-Myz"
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47.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
55.00 USDAdd (large) to basket
Internet-shop located in Bishkek is pleased to offer you service on delivery of flowers and gifts in Bishkek City and its neighboring towns. There is a small composition in the presented photo.

Business - Composition "Tailak baatir"
47.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
71.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
102.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Festive bouquets - Composition "Mirel"
55.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
75.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
95.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Lily - Composition "Sitora"
47.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
68.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
89.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Roses - Composition "Cegeti"
39.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
60.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
82.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

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