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Our address:
720020 Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Bajtik Baatyr str. 6/1

Our phones:
+996 312 269114
+996 312 562626

General questions:

Business bouquet The bouquet is composed for especially business atmosphere. We offer you an original and exquisite business bouquets and compositions, which will be pleasant surprise for your colleagues and businesses partners. Flower shop Flowers.kg is one of the best shops in the flower market in Bishkek; it was established in 1997.
Carnations A wide range of flowers and flower compositions will emphasize elated/elevated/exultant mood. We guarantee quality and freshness of the flowers. Daily client support for the shop provides on-time processing of the order and the operative answer to inquiries of the clients The order is processed after it has been received and delivered in a period of 2 hours to the specified address after the payment has been made.
Festive bouquets In this section you can make a choice and order a bouquet for any holiday and date. It may be birthday or another event in life of your close man, friends, colleagues. We treat all the information provided to us as confidential, and will not disclose or sell this information to any other parties. The addressee receives the information on the customer based only on the text written on a post card. We do not give any other data specified during the registration of the order to the addressee. The data on the customer is not used for the purpose of advertisement via mail, etc.; it is only necessary for communication with the purpose of successful performance of the order
Gifts If you present soft toy and candies, it will be nice addition for any bouquet. All gifts and candies will be delivered in festive bags. Our employees are professional floral artists and designers that are highly educated and have a huge deal of work experience. All bouquets and compositions presented in our Internet-shop are created by these employees and are authorized. We only use fresh flowers to create a bouquet. Due to the quality and convenience of our service, we have obtained our permanent clients.
Lily The boquet of lily will be remarkable gift for any holiday, it is an excellent way to express your respect and gratitude. We do not offer our delivery service worldwide through unknown intermediaries (which is exactly how many companies work) ? our store is located in Bishkek, and we deliver flowers only across Bishkek and nearby cities of Kyrgyzstan. We are not a virtual floristic network ? we are the real Bishkek flower shop. We have our address and a telephone number so that you can call us and visit us anytime.
Roses The bouquet of roses is not only the homage of tradition, but it is the best way to express your feelings, gratitude, love, desire, infatuation, caress, respect, admiration. One of the basic tasks of our service ? is the timeliness of delivery of the flowers and gifts ordered by you. Real date and time of delivery depends on time of a premise of the order, weather conditions and remoteness of destination. Our rules of delivery explain, as we do to execute your order.
Seasonal flowers The assortment of flowers can be changed depending on season. Flowers ?is the splendid and expressive present, it is the remarkable way to make declaration of love! Our service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can place your order anytime during the week through the Internet or by phone.
Souvenirs Charm and originality of kyrgyz souvenirs will delight your sweethearts, friends and business partners.
The molly with fruits Fresh and sweet fruits ?admirable present. The molly with fruits is decorated by a charming bow. The form of molly and variety of fruits may be changed depending on delivery and season. Our delivery service has its own transportation and pedestrian couriers ? the most effective in the city. Delivery service employees are provided with means of mobile communication. Harmonious and precise work of our delivery service is our pride.
Wedding bouquets. Please pay attention to the beautiful wedding bouuquets and compositions. It can emphasize delicacy and fascination of wedding triumph. Also it make it vivid and unforgettable. If the order cannot be completed for the reasons that are impossible to control (i.e. absence of a certain kind of flowers due to the season of the year) we offer you the following: to choose a similar flower instead, or find a better one to replace the missing kind. All additional charges will not be included in your payment.

Business - Composition "Tailak baatir"
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Festive bouquets - Composition "Mirel"
55.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
75.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
95.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Lily - Composition "Sitora"
47.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
68.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
89.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

Roses - Composition "Cegeti"
39.00 USDAdd (small) to basket
60.00 USDAdd (awerage) to basket
82.00 USDAdd (large) to basket

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